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So, I wanted a place to compile some of the known and bigger issues surrounding the game currently.  I don't say this as just some angry player of the game.  I've spent thousands of dollars on the game.  I've also been the leader of Performance CNTR since June.  As the leader of that club, I have had lots of high ranking players there as well as spoken to many other players about their feelings on various issues in the game.  Be that in one of the many Facebook groups, in Global chat, or in one of the discords devoted to the game, I believe that these issues are ones that need addressed by Glu if the game is going to reach it's full potential.

1.)  Roster Battles
Now this is a recent addition but one I feel deserves a big mention in the beginning.  The change to Roster Battle is one that has had a big impact on almost every player who's not using free gold.  The previous roster battle I was able to get some pretty big streaks going.  With those streaks I spent a few thousand gold per run.  Now I can't get the chance to even try to spend that gold because I never get any traction to get that kind of streak going.  The intent seems to be that you are matched up with players just around where you are in the game and thus forcing players to use the boosts each time in order to move onto the next opponent and keep their streak going.  If you can keep your streak going, that adds up quick and makes Roster Battle a pay to play area that the vast majority of players can't compete in.

2.) Gauntlet sliding difficulty
Personally this is one that I really believe needs changing.  When Gauntlet first came out, I was able to reach level 24.  Then some changes were made to Gauntlet with the update to the game in 1.1.  One thing to keep in mind throughout all of these changes is that this is still a really new game so to speak so Glu are still trying to figure out how they want everything to work and how they want it to be for the players.  So after the change I was able to still get pretty high but not quite as high as I had been.  As I said, I know some changes are necessary to keep things like Gauntlet running and not broken.  However, then the addition of the sliding difficulty came out.  What this does is that if you don't craft your roster a certain way, as your advance your roster and your top 5, the beginning of gauntlet shifts so that it becomes more difficult.  Say you were starting at a difficulty of 300.  Then it shifts to 400, 500, 640, and onward.  Each time it shifts, you can't go as far as you had.  So you build up your roster to make it back to where you had been, which then triggers the difficulty again and it slides to a new spot so you slide back down some levels.  It creates a situation where you're never able to reach the finish line or reach even the newer superstars that are being released in Gauntlets.  It creates a feeling that as you make your roster better and should be getting better at the game, you actually start to perform worse at it and get worse results.  We had a player who created a new account and his 3 day old account can make it farther in Gauntlet than most of our current club can.  

3.) Display Issues
There's a variety of display issues in the game that need addressed.  One that pops into my mind is the one that's been in Gauntlet since the introduction of superstars to it.  It's where it says upcoming level and shows the rewards for that level, but it's actually showing the rewards for the next next level.  Like I'm on level 16 and getting ready to compete in that, but it shows Level 17 rewards.  Players think they have unlocked the new gold character or gotten a set of rewards, only to complete it and see that they did not get what they thought they were doing.  Display Issues seems to be the popular choice of the VIP Hotline as well as we've gotten "Display Issues' as an answer for a whole host of issues we've had come up in the game.  Other instances of this include event tokens showing as 0 when you actually have some there as well as the issue with gear not showing up immediately after it's been crafted.  The token issue comes up pretty frequently in events as they are being reused and come back around.  (I want to say I think it's great that these events are coming back around as it gives new players or players who missed out on it a chance to get those superstars.)  The gear issue seems to happen a lot as well.  In some cases it shows up quickly.  Others times you have to restart the game.  And in some cases, it just never shows up on your account at all.  

4.) Quality Issues
These are issues that just look bad on Glu's part.  I'm talking about things like releasing a pack that says "Guaranteed Gold Superstar"  when there are no guaranteed gold superstars there.  Or one that we've seen a lot and happened this past week, things like the Pete Dunne pack saying it was for Rey Mysterio Jr and not saying Pete's name anywhere on it.  These things happen frequently and could likely be caught by just checking things out before they go live.  I'm not sure of the process that Glu has for testing everything before it goes live to us players, but these mistakes make it seem like there's a lack of quality control being used to make sure that cases are worded correctly and for what they say they are before they go out the door.  

In closing I'd like to see Glu address these issues.  I'm not trying to come here and whine.  I'm a player who's been playing at a high level in a high level club for a long time.  I'm a player who's paid a lot to advance in this game. I'm a player who really enjoys this game and sees the potential it has to be a big hit and something we all enjoy for years to come.  Please Glu, work with us players to address these issues to make a better playing environment for us to continue to play in. 


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    the_real_Dubthe_real_Dub Registered Users, Member 8 Posts
    Strongly agree. 
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    Oh my brother TESTIFY!
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    100% agree here. With as much as this game infuriates me, I feel like I have invested too much of my actual money into it to just uninstall and stop playing (which I really feel like doing when playing it most times.) It would be great if the people producing the game actually gave a shit. Instead, the only post we get from the Dev team in months is a comment to troll someone who complains about their experience with the game.
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    dogtrashdogtrash Registered Users, Member 20 Posts
    So true!  I am sure that if GLU listened more to our complaints \ feedbacks their income from us player would double or triple, at least...  I feel the same as you dashbennet, at the current state of affair I don't feel like spending (much) more money on this game...  feels like a black hole. 
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    shadowkhaishadowkhai Registered Users, Member 14 Posts
    Well said. Not to mention seven star characters that have mysteriously appeared in Roster Battles on top of everything else
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