Prime & Gold Cases / More & Lower Milestones

AWJRAWJR Registered Users, Member 4 Posts
Recently I can say i love what is going on with this game im really enjoying it im happy to say i have some of my favorite stars already im in high hopes of getting more this games really fun & I got many of my friends to play as well keep up the great work. 

Issuies with cases 
1. Many of us grind and spend lots of gold to get our favorite superstars pop up in cases sadly sometimes we don't get that star instead we get constant trainers or upgrade items. It would be great to see a change in drop rate or get the superstar gareented after a certain amount of buys.
2. Gold & Prime Cases : It would be nice to have gold and prime only cases and gold and prime cases these prime superstars are nice sadly spending 700 gold or trying to hit 25,000 milestone is really hard for people to do i have tried to get a prime star several times with no luck out of a case and hitting the 25,000 milestones way outta the question i would like to see these lowered or have cases have increased dropped rates with prime stars . 


  • F4llen_vikingF4llen_viking Registered Users, Member 2 Posts
    Or needs to be lower so everyone has a chance to get one or at least put an event in there to give chance to win one 
  • PowerBombDanPowerBombDan Registered Users, Member 7 Posts
    They need to put more prime stars like Bayley or Sasha in the game too
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