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There needs to be a  better way to navigate the battle royals. There are progression rewards that arent available if you click the battle royal from the main screen. Having to go around the play menu to get to that screen for the rewards needs to be reworked.

Also there should be some way to either sell/trade/upgrade low tier gear. I have alooooot of lvl1 and lvl 2 gear that I cant do much with other than outfit a new wrestler every once in awhile. The crafting of gear is a fun mechanic and should be further expanded upon. 

Do alliances give bonuses? Its unclear how that works at all. It's a hard to read stat with dark and light names with not real explanation of rarity.

Also there seems to be a wide range of power between same rarity wrestlers. For instance, my stone cold(gold)(40/75) is almost 600+ above my samoa joe(gold)(45/75) with matching equipment tiers. Which is fine and awesome but I would like a better way to see comparative stats on wrestlers. Perhaps max stats? Or starting stats. As of now the only way to compare wrestlers starting potential is to look at the ones(unowned) and they are sorted by power. Once you get them they isnt an easy way to compare them outside of your CURRENT roster. I'd like to have some way to know which wrestlers I want to sink all my money and trainer points in. As of right now it's just a shot in the dark initially.


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    How do we open the briefcases we get from sting event after undertaker. I keep getting but never can find the briefcase?
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