Battle royal bug

deegenomdeegenom Registered Users, Member 3 Posts
So I realized that in battle royal that we have almost every day, we are facing some opponents and they are using their best rosters but upgraded, isn't that unfair? You should fix that. First of all we should face other people who are using bonuses too because how do you expect us to defeat with weak new bonuses some people who are so good and using their best rosters?

Second and most important thing, I faced couple of times members of my club and I know their rosters because they took screenshots of them, but when I face them in battle royal, computer/system boosts their ratings so for example I faced one member who had best wrestler around 4k rating(strength) but then when I faced him, his 2 wrestlers had over 5k rating/strength. He showed me later picture of his roster and he had way less points. Same happened with other member. So I guess system adds more rating in order to try to defeat us? You should fix that.


  • Red07DevilRed07Devil Registered Users, Member 18 Posts
    They can implement a logic where the keep snapshots of the teams used during a win. That would build teams for them to use. Even for higher level rosters...
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