Music Mid-Match Suggestion

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Personally I think allowing the music to play while you’re doing a PvP match (Or at least the option for it) would be an awesome addition to the game. 

Does anyone remember Smackdown! Here Comes The Pain? They had optional music playing throughout the match and it gave an awesome arcade style vibe! And what kind of game is WWE Universe? Arcade style.

And how it works could be finding a way so that whichever wrestler has the highest point overall has their music playing, As if it’s saying “You’re in my house and you’re the underdog pal”. Or just a basic version would be nice. Thanks for taking time to read and would love some feedback.


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    Hey JLS, thanks for the suggestion!

    I totally feel you on what you're talking about with Here Comes the Pain, but I'm going to have to disagree with you about WWE Universe being arcadey.  If anything, it resembles more of a stat-based, turn-based RPG if anything. It also kind of clashes with the fact that we want this game to be the most authentic WWE game on mobile.  We have all the moves, and none of them are over the top.  They're performed the way you would see in a WWE ring.  You don't see a suplex sent straight to the galaxies and come down back to the squared circle.

    That said, I'm not in a position to just straight up reject the idea, so it's in my report to the devs!
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