Item Chances In Cases Are Deceptive

JLS2019JLS2019 Registered Users, Member 6 Posts
Usually praise this game for it’s engaging gameplay and great concept, but this topic is a blatant money grab. Let’s take the Mega Trainers Case for example.

When you look at the percent chances, Many people will see it as an equal chance at any value between 4.2K and 250K trainers right? I mean it does say a 100% chance of getting a number between 4.2K and 250K, and that’s exactly what it does. What they don’t tell you though is your chances of getting anything between 4.2K and 10K are incredibly high (Learned the hard way by conveniently pulling exactly 4.2K on my first crate, and a friend pulling 4.3K), So there’s a hidden value that prevents you from getting a good amount in most cases.

This game is loaded with potential, There’s no need to put a bad taste in the people’s mouths by borderline scamming them with hidden odds. Love this game but you guys can and absolutely should revamp how people get to see the real chances in purchasable cases.


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    Highroller299Highroller299 Registered Users, Member 3 Posts
    You're right. That's pretty blatant deception right there.

    The worst thing is that they've basically made trainers unobtainable in large quantities. When the game first dropped, you could spend under 400 gold and get an amount of trainers between 4,000 and up to (or slightly above) 10,000 (IIRC - it might have been higher). Now, you spend 500g and can pretty much guarantee that you'll get right around the minimum - with said minimum being one quarter of what you used to get for less than 400g.

    Never mind the fact that leveling requires more than 1,000 trainers per level once you get to 4 star - and you need 75 levels before you can evolve to 5 star. They're seriously ruining the game. I've spent real money on it in the beginning, but can't justify it any more because they've eliminated any real value from the purchases. 

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    thejd44thejd44 Registered Users, Member 33 Posts
    Here's an even worse example: In the Silver Draft Pack, it shows 0x to 15x Gold Superstars 1000.

    Great. Thanks. Now I know that 1000 out of 1000 times I will either not get a Gold Superstar or I will get a Gold Superstar. Super helpful.
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