Tired of purchases/crafting not registering

likenightlikenight Registered Users, Member 471 Posts
Daily issue with this not registering bs. 
Craft or purchases don’t show up unless you buy or craft them twice. 
Of course if you don’t have enough to craft it twice then you are out of luck. 
How do you guys have this license if you can’t even keep up with your issues?


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    thejd44thejd44 Registered Users, Member 33 Posts
    It's annoying, but you don't have to do as you suggest.

    You can equip any gear on anybody and then it will show up. What I do when it happens is just go and equip a piece of level 1 gear on someone. It's still dumb we have to do that, but you don't need to craft a second time at least.
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