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Between the release of new episodes, I find myself replaying earlier episodes but this can quickly get boring. I like the idea of replaying for a purpose, maybe to achieve a score which builds up to unlock stars. There could be three stars and if you unlock the third, you could unlock an exclusive reward or weapon.
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    Good idea! But doesn't earning an A+ get you more skulls and better items?
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    True, but you can get an A+ in a single play of an episode. I was thinking something like the mastery feature in Avengers Alliance. I did forget about the existinf grading though! Maybe add an A*, A** and A*** extra grades for achieving certain challenges.
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    how do you replay earlier episodes?
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    honest wrote: »
    how do you replay earlier episodes?

    click the little gear by your gold skull counter at the top of the screen, then select quit episode.
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    i replay a lot to farm items, money, and exp.

    farming the beginning of ep2 can give you free energy (at the cost of real life time of course). the seahorse quest rewards you with a can of beans, which is worth 10 energy. but the farming process only cost 8 energy (4 kill + 4 loot) if you choose to pay off the raider and your weapon is good enough to one hit ep2 zombies. so you get 2 energy for free, plus the occasional energy drop (usually 2-4 per run).

    farming the beginning of ep6 can give you a lot of lv20 weapon drops. there's a wooden crate on the 2nd floor in the building you come down from (3 zombies in the way). when you get to the plaza blitz gives you a quest that leads you to a survivor and a chained crate (3 zombies in the way). the darin's right next door has two safes (1+2 zombies).
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    I suppose you got your wish, in a manner of speaking. Apparently they are recycling past 'Events' for our playing pleasure.. :(
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