Replay past event episodes

jaf0905jaf0905 Registered Users 76 Posts
I would very much love to be able to access past event episodes. Maybe they could be unlocked through a small gold skull transaction? I appreciate it wouldn't make sense to allow access to all the limited bonuses and rewards, but just those stories and levels would be great to replay. The Nightmare event was totally ruined by hackers so I didn't get to enjoy that. I LOVE the Halloween event and would easily choose to replay that level if it was available in future. The Outbreak event was cool too (although a bit too repetitive).
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  • SorbesqueSorbesque Registered Users 11 Posts
    Cool idea. Cause my game crashed at loading screen right after the update for infestation event.

    I want the fun too eventhough im missing it. Who cares about ranking right.
  • Rob1583Rob1583 Registered Users 87 Posts
    That would be nice. The work was done to create these new environments, might as well keep them as part of the game
  • BleuBleu Registered Users 138 Posts
    Brilliant idea!
    I would love to replay previous events, they are actually more fun than normal episodes.
    Plus I missed some events so I hope Glu will consider adding this feature in the future.
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