Chat + sharing!

PezzzPezzz Registered Users 9 Posts
Ok so I'd love to see a chat box, in our party menu so we can chat with our party and get to know them better. Also I'd love to see a global trade, or a trade just for people in a party. I. Have 6. (100%) healing boxes, and I don't need them so I'd love to give them to my team to allow them to get farther in the event.


  • BleuBleu Registered Users 138 Posts
    I couldn't agree more!
    That would be very helpful in the game. Though I'm afraid that some players might chat about irrelevant topics and annoy the team, but I would love to have chat in my game.
    And the trading idea is perfect! I NEED it!
  • zulu.kilozulu.kilo Registered Users 109 Posts
    I agree.

    If concerned with irrelevant topics, there could be a private message (one-on-one) system incorporated too.

    Trading items, OR even auctioning/selling them off sounds great!
    "star" [via Android]
  • Long TomLong Tom Registered Users 10 Posts
    Absolutely. It was killing me i couldn't talk to my team during this last event. And if not full chat implementation, maybe an in game "Team Message Board" where you could leave notes? Something! Anything! :D
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