flclfanmanflclfanman Registered Users 29 Posts
This makes too much sense. By doing this, it allows players to maximize inventory space. More importantly, It'll encourage more players to experiment with guns and buy them in the game. (Especially guns that use the same ammo)

Before anyone says it cant work, just look at the merchant shop window. Any ammo you sell them is STACKED in one spot for convenience. If they can do it, why can't we?

Let's try 50/10 in one inventory spot.



  • zulu.kilozulu.kilo Registered Users 109 Posts
    I think any suggestions to GLU falls on deaf ears. Have you (or anyone else) received a reply on this forum regarding your previous suggestions?

    Another FAIL for GLU.
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  • reamethreameth Registered Users 6 Posts
    This. I get GLU wanting to nickel and dime us, buying more inventory space so we can stock more ammo, but this is a little too much, imo.
  • adaladaadalada Registered Users 18 Posts
    occasionally gluadmin comes here. hopefully he is able to do something or relay to the devs.
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