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I'm playing the event right now and I'm really feeling disappointed with it. I just used 30 skulls to beat a single boss with 7k hp. I'm not a high level player so I don't really have good equipments to combat a boss zombie like that. The worst part is I'm facing yet again another boss with 9k life. I don't really think the event will help players grow but instead it makes players use money to buy skulls, energy and health items. The purpose of having an event should be to let players enjoy the game more and not discourage them. Here are some things I would like to see done for the next events since your programmers probably can't do this with the current event:
1. I would like it if for your events you increase health and energy regeneration rates. this will help players play the game longer.
2. I wish you don't make the enemy zombies almost impossible to kill. Not all players have the money to buy skulls, health and energy items.
3. If you don't like to increase health and energy regeneration rates, atleast increase the drop rate for health and energy items. That way players will be able to sustain longer in the game especially when they are combatting bosses.
I hope you take your time to think about this. I'm sure a lot of players will be happy if you do this.
Thank you.
An avid glu games player. :)
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