Great Ideas for/about/involving dogs

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Idea #1
I have thought of this idea numerous times and I feel it would be really neat! It's mostly directed towards people that have bought dogs. So recently I've purchased my dog Rolf, I'm actually quite happy I spent the money on the game seeing how much he(I think) helps. Anyways I think we should involve the dog in the game more than just a 2 time gatherer. I feel you/we should make it where the dog (rolf) shares your luck stats. For example, when you are in a fight with a zombie, and you attack and get those lucky "triple attacks" or "dodge" and so on an so fourth, but make one where it pops up randomly ( according to how much luck you have or read idea #2) to where you could click it and have it attack what your attacking. This would save some energy, give more of a reason to spend real money to get a dog, and give more reason to put more skill points into luck.

Idea #2
same as the first just instead of using your own skill points as your dogs, give your dog it's own skill points and levels.

Idea #3
Another would be adding a dog's inventory.(kind of like a mule) "Don't have room, Dont worry, Buy a dog!!!" Buy a dog and have some extra inventory spaces, say 3-6 extra spaces.

Please tell me what you think and what other ideas you have or other things you think would be cool to add, also tell me your negatives and reasons why you wouldn't do this, I'd love to hear them all!!! Thank you

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    I like every idea above. Especially the inventory one
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    Interesting ideas - I particularly like #1. The idea of the dog serving as a "pack mule" in #3 is neat too, as if the dog had its own back pack to add slots to your inventory. Hmm. Well I suppose that opens up the idea of having accessories for purchase to change your dog's appearance.

    And that reminds me, are there any differences between Scruffy and Rolf -besides- appearance? I was wondering if perhaps there was a difference between what they find when scrounging. Scruffy has the options to find supplies (energy) and health. Based on Rolf's "tougher" appearance I was wondering if perhaps he had the option to find ammunition. I'm guessing no, but I think it would give some additional reason to get different pets aside from a cosmetic one if they could search for or do different things.

    For example Scruffy looks for supplies or health, Rolf looks for supplies or ammo (finds 10 shots, type based off a gun type you have equipped - no gun equipped, type is random).

    (Also some cool ideas discussed previously here - linking here rather than necro'ing the older post)
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