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Alliances are guilds are called in World of Espionage. Upon reaching level 5 simply go to the Alliance tab at the bottom of your game screen when on the games home screen. Here you can search for Alliances that are looking for members or create your very own Alliance and start recruiting other Agencies. Joining an Alliance is easy, you just apply to the Alliance and if they are “Free to Join” you get accepted right awhile, otherwise you will need to wait for the Alliance to accept or decline your application to join.

While it’s a great idea to be social with your Alliances, having friends to talk to isn’t the only benefit to being in one. Alliances help improve your Espionage in PvP, assist in Villain fights, assist in exclusive Villain fights and allows you to participate in Alliance Wars.


Once in an Alliance (or when you have created one) your Alliance page will now have a whole list of things you can view in your new Alliance. At the top you see the Alliance name, level of the Alliance, if your Alliance is free to join or application based, number of members in your Alliance, requirements to be in your Alliance and the short description of your Alliance. The top of the screen also has your Alliance Emblem, Alliance Rank and the level of your Alliance with how much XP is left to the next level.

Bellow all that is a list of other pages within your Alliance. They are as follows:

This page allows you to view all of your Alliance members names, Alliance rank, Agency level and Conflict Rank.

There are 5 ranks within an Alliance, note that only Head of Station and Captain can add new members to the Alliance.

Head of Station

· Can promote, demote, kick any rank
· Can choose to demote themselves and place another member as Head of Stations
· Invite players to Alliance
· Rename Alliance, change emblem and disband Alliance
· Purchase building upgrades
· Participate in Alliance War


· Can promote, demote and kick players of lower rank
· Invite players to Alliance
· Purchase building upgrades
· Participate in Alliance War

Intelligence Officer

· Invite players to Alliance
· Participate in Alliance War


· Participate in Alliance War


· Waiting to be accepted into the Alliance.

Alliance Base
The base consists of 10 structures, 1 HQ and 9 Listening Posts, at the start of an Alliance. Each building can be upgraded and have a set number of Agencies stationed there. The Alliance Base is the battle ground for the Alliance War.

The HQ is outside the battle grid of the Alliance War. It is upgradable like other buildings but I’s upgrades effects the entire Alliance as a whole.

Listening Posts are the base structures your Alliance starts off with when it is created. These can be upgraded into different buildings with benefits to the Agencies in them and a small portion to the Agencies in structures next to them. The new structures also open up another tree of upgrades you can purchases to continue to improve them. Some of these upgrades are available to all structures and there are also upgrades specific to the structure type. Note you can only have a set number of the same structures in your base and once that cap is met you cannot build more of that type. Structures cannot be downgraded into Listening posts.


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    Alliance War

    Alliance War occurs 4 times a day and last 2 hours. The Captain and Head of Station can set the schedule for when the Alliance Wars start.

    The Head of Station and/or Captain(s) must set assign Agencies to structures and objectives to Agencies before a war starts, once a war has started assignments cannot be changed until the war has concluded. Initially only two Agencies can occupy a structure at any given time, however with structure upgrades this number can be increased providing the structure with more defenses. The players assigned to a spot in the structure must be defeated before base can be destroyed.

    The Head of Station and/or Captain(s) also can assign Objectives, default Objective placement is the first structure in each column. There are only 3 Objectives available to place and you may only place one per column, also Objectives are placed on an Agency meaning to gain that Objective the Agency must be defeated not the structure. Once you defeat an Agency with an Objective you receive 3 points towards victory and you (and your Alliance members) are open to start assaults on the next column of structures. Note destroying a structure will give you 1 point towards victory.

    The Alliance with the most total points at the end of the Alliance War wins. Winning provides your Alliance members and Alliance with better payouts, even more so the more points you have total at the end.

    Agency Specialization

    This is where you will be able to switch between specializations for your Agency and purchase new abilities using Specialization Coins that you win in Alliance War.


    This is where you can contribute money to your Alliance in return for Alliance Coins and Alliance XP. You can only contribute 100k a certain amount of times per day. 100k Gives your Alliance 100 XP and 5 Coins.


    Here you can track how well your Alliance is doing compared to other Alliances in Alliance War and Villain fights. You can view season Awards and also sort the leaderboard by Rank.

    Edit Alliance

    Here the Alliance can be edited. You can change the following:

    · Alliance Emblem
    · Minimum Level Requirement
    · Minimum Rank Requirement
    · Free to Join, By Application, By Invitation and Private
    · Alliance description

    Rename Alliance

    Here you can change your Alliance name for a Gold fee.

    Disband Alliance

    Here you can disband the Alliance. This kicks every member out of the Alliance and deletes the Alliance forever. All Alliance progress is lost.
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    Initially only two Agencies can occupy a structure at any given time

    This is only true for buildings that have received the first upgrade. Listening posts can only hold one agency.
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