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Villains are the bosses you can fight. Each one is tied to a story arch in game, however if you go to the Villains tab in the main menu you can “Call Out” any of the villains to do battle with at the cost of stamina. The villains you can call out, in order of difficulty, are:

Dr. No
o Level 0

Dorian Reid
o Level 10

Ruby Cox
o Level 20

Whar Zin
o Level 30

Dauphin Balenie
o Level 50

Red Grant
o Level 60

Emilio Largo
o Level 90

Raoul Silva
o Level 110

In the “Villains” tab you will be met with three sub tabs:

Active Operations

Here will be a list of Operations aka Villain fights you are currently participating in. Here you can see which player started the battle, remaining time left on the battle, how many players are in the battle and the percentage of the battles completion.

Create Operation

Here will be a list of all the Villains that can be called out, however you must meet the correct level requirements to call out a Villain. Clicking “Call Out” will bring up a screen in which it will show you the Villain name, his/her picture and the requirements needed to call them out. Once you are ready, and meet the requirements, click on the “Confront” button. Once you call out a villain you cannot call out any other villains till the cooldown is done.

Join Operation

Here will be a list of battles that have been opened up by other players or your alliance members. Like the Active Operations window it shows the name of the player who started the battle, time remaining in the battle, number of players in the battle and the percentage of completion of the battle. Here you can join any operation regardless of the call out requirements, however the higher level villain the less damage you do to them and the more damage they can do to you.


Operation Bar

· The top bar in yellow will show you the percentage of the completion and the time left in the operation. This will be visually represented with the yellow bar filling up the higher the percentage of completion.

Enemy Health Bar

· The top bar in red will show the name of the current enemy, image of enemy shown below, and as you do damage the red bar will deplete to show how much health they have left before being defeated and you move onto the next enemy in the operation.

“i” Icon

· This will bring you to the help menu section on Villains for more information of the system.
Gear Icon

· This will bring up the operations settings. Here you can use the sliders to make the operation shared with your allies (players in your Alliance) or Make the Operation public to all players in the game. Once set you cannot go back to solo battling.


· Here it will show the top ranking players in the operation. Players are ranked by how much they contribute to the battle as a whole. The more damage you do to each enemy the more points you gain. You will receive awards (items/gear) based on your placement and points when the Villain is defeated.

Battle Log

· Here it will show a play by play of each players actions in the battle. It shows when the action was done, who the action was done by, how much damage was down and how much damage the player received in the exchange with the enemy.


· Simple and straight forward. This performs the action you have chosen.

Choose Action

· Here is a list of actions you can perform doing the battle, be it a regular attack or something special you have unlocked with your agency. You can also adjust the stamina cost per attack resulting in stronger more damaging attacks.


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    Additionally, the number of rewards you can get seems to be capped. Above a certain point threshold, you don't get any major benefit other than trying to rank higher against other players or to increase your chances of getting better drops.

    The thresholds are (as far as we can tell)

    Dr. No - 1,000 points
    Dorian Reid - 3,000 points
    Ruby Cox - 3,000 points
    Whar Zin - 4,000 points
    Dauphin Balenie - 6,000 points
    Red Grant - 8,000 points
    Emilio Largo - 12,000 points
    Raoul Silva - 20,000 points
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    That’s a good observation! Though Suez (Zeus backwards) could also be a place name. In this context, though, you’re probably right, and they meant for it to reference. :)The part you described, with Merlin (owl), the mouse, and the moving doors is supposed to be the first part of the dream. Use the Stopwatch to get past that and to the next part, where the spinning thorn shells are. Read the section of the walkthrough titled “Binary Bard’s Dream.:)I think you have to use the walkie talkie outside or it won’t work. Other than that, I’m not sure what you can do.
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    How can make villain public? If waiting too long ( how long?). Can't share with public...
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