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  • SirDiGiTaLSirDiGiTaL Registered Users 627 Posts
    PureTank wrote: »
    i'd like to join as well. currently have GS of over 10,000. IGN: PureTank

    Hey Pure, we are full atm. But when we get a slot and if you still wanna join I´ll contact you.
  • GONZOhstGONZOhst Registered Users 1 Posts
    I just started how u get in a guild....can u talk to the towns people and what's that blue thing spinning??????
  • ServeuSServeuS Registered Users 2 Posts
    I'd like to join, my gs is 9240, always active, lvl50, ign: Serveus

    I know you may be full just keep me in mind if you get a spot.
  • JustFritoJustFrito Registered Users 2 Posts
    Im searching for a spot on an active guild.
    IOS Player from Brazil
    9270 GS on wizard
    1,5kk+ VP last event
    Playing abot one month and half

    Name ingame: JustFrito
  • MaxolinoMaxolino Registered Users 1 Posts
    Name: maxolino
    Gs: 12k
    Last event: 1,750 M

    I sent a request, I'm looking for a serious guild!!
  • Kenedy01Kenedy01 Users Awaiting Email Confirmation 3 Posts
    you are mrDigital ? good at the game I am I have added kabsk you want to join the clan in the events step 2 million would support the clan give me a chance if I violate the terms of the clan , I promise to get out alone
    12291 GS I did last event 2100000
  • Kenedy01Kenedy01 Users Awaiting Email Confirmation 3 Posts
    sirDigital there I want to support any quota
  • Kenedy01Kenedy01 Users Awaiting Email Confirmation 3 Posts
    Hello SirDigital I am kabsk in the game I have 12290 gs and in this event I have 5million of vp in all the events of beasts step 2 million please a space I promise to help all thanks
  • antik622antik622 Registered Users, Member 1 Posts
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