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This is a guide of how to evolve your gear.

Fusion (Please read the Fusion chapter in the forum) and Evolution raises the current GS (GearScore) of your equipment. The Top GS-number (on the picture below) is the current GS and the lower number is Max GS (fully evolved item). The red text and arrow pointing down means that this item has lower GS than your currently equipped item. The green text and arrow pointing up means that this gear is better than your currently equipped gear. The red and green text can appear both up and down. The red text and arrows on the stats on the items means the same as the GS, red means worse than your current stat and green will mean better than your current stat.


You gear start with 0/3 stars and for every evolution your gear will be marked with a star. You can only evolve your gear three times and then it has reached its max performance.


Note that to be able to evolve you have to reach max level of fusion. The star will enter a flashing state when it’s ready to be evolved.


Every evolution requires reagents. You will require reagents so do not sell these. Reagents can be dropped from every enemy you meet and there are 5 different types in following order of rareness: Tears (common), Blood (uncommon), Eye (rare), Heart (epic) and Soul (legendary). Although Eye is a rare item it is not rare in droprate, since it is required in every evolution you have to have most of eyes to succeed in evolving your gear.

Evolution requirements:
1st star: Tears, Blood and Eye
2nd star: Blood, Eye and Heart
3rd star: Eye, Heart and Soul

To see how many of each reagent you need you can just enter the evolution screen and you see how many of each is needed. If you do not have all reagents to evolve your gear you can use the green "Buy All Materials"-button and do what the button says for gems. This can require a lot of gems but if you think it’s worth it - then don’t hesitate to do the purchase. A tip is to wait with purchasing until endgame-gear because your gear will change many times until you have reached level 50 (Current top level).


Besides the required reagents you also need coins. The higher the level of the evolution, the more expensive it is to evolve. The level of the item itself also affects the price to evolve. Once you have required reagents press the blue Evolution button and you will have got yourself a slightly better gear.


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    The secret is time. Right after your chao evolves the first time, its second evolution will start as neutral so you will need to give it 20 animals or so in the stat you want it to grow like. After that however you must wait. It could take anywhere from 3-9hours to fully evolve into its second evolution I believe. You can also change its second evolution type anytime you want by giving it a different type of animal or chaos drive.
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