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    Handles wrote: »
    This event was started later on purpose. Here is a listing of the next 4 weeks, images to come later. Note all events are subject to change.

    Thats great and all, but if that kind of changes was informed to the players my mail in game or on this forum you guys would have a somewhat happier playerbase. Not fun so sit up and wait like I know some players did.
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    I will make sure if changes like this occur again that I update as soon as I can confirm. As of now I've been backed up with the android ban issue.

    Not an excuse, just dropping hints that the ban issue is being worked on.
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    A' ight, good enough. I'm sure you do what you can Handles. Just Glu as a Company that needs to learn how to not be as out of touch with their own Community. Creates awesome 1.0 games but then does a lot of weird choices and updates that almost makes the game unplayable.

    Anyway I like the 3-day Tournament change. And hope you guys get some time to Clean up some pretty obvious hackers on the IOS side as well.
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    Stop spending $$$$ we are on strike! Pass the word!
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