Update and ban for nothing.



  • brenoaquinobrenoaquino Registered Users 3 Posts
    Olá, eu também to com esse mesmo problema estava jogando o evento quando utilizei uma poção de cura e fui suspenso por um ato ilegal, desde de quando usar a poção de cura é ilegal? Pq eu nn sabia disto sempre foi legal. Ai fui bloqueado por 23hrs quando acabou as 23hrs peguei outra punição de 1430596144hrs. Por favor glu arrume este problema logo.
  • RytirRytir Registered Users 4 Posts
    I have the same problem. In an event when I was fighting the system shows me an error 666 and gave me bann for cheating on 24 hours, now it shows 1,4 bilion hours bann.
    nickname in game Rytir
  • southerncrosssoutherncross Registered Users 12 Posts
    And the big joke that glu has for us customers is the hours don't tick down. Go ahead and see for yourself. Haha I thought Gameforge was a dubious gaming company but I think a new player may out do them.
  • KazejinKazejin Registered Users 26 Posts
    Provide information here the devs opened this thread:

    Guild: BR TEAM Member: Kazejin
  • BericBeric Registered Users 31 Posts
    Anjel! Yes! I've been so frustrated because I can't find anyone else in our guild on here. I tried to find demondude but couldn't. Have you been having problems logging in as well?
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