Glu sucks

SliceSlice Registered Users 42 Posts
Fix this dam game


  • NathalyNathaly Registered Users 92 Posts
    Im 100% behind slice on this one
  • OGChAoSOGChAoS Registered Users 1 Posts
    All we ask for is a little love over here. We've been good Santa.
  • SirDiGiTaLSirDiGiTaL Registered Users 627 Posts
    Slice wrote: »
    Fix this dam game

    Awsome Thread :)
  • NathalyNathaly Registered Users 92 Posts
    Please glu we need you just a bit of a fix?
  • Marcman320Marcman320 Registered Users 25 Posts
    I got my popcorn ready so I can watch you take the 10 minutes it would take with a map editor to create an update.
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