Level 20

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Hello, where's the level 20? I'm waiting for months... Thanks.


  • KyndallThaKingKyndallThaKing Registered Users 211 Posts
    The can was drooped no longer supported by Glu.
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  • unique123unique123 Registered Users 291 Posts
    The can was drooped no longer supported by Glu.

    Yeah its sad. I wish glu would have sent out a message to everyone on the game or posted on the forum actually stating they have stopped working on this game. They could very easily send an in game message to everyone. They've only sent out responses to people who have had open tickets as far as I know which I personally think is a bit unprofessional. If I hadn't heard through people on this forum I still could have potentially been spending money on this game and glu would be happily taking it.

    Sorry to vent but I do feel as a paying loyal player to glu I deserve a form of message or notification from them IMO.

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  • pinkrangerwannabepinkrangerwannabe Registered Users 28 Posts
    I am so ticked off, so many hours spent on this game by all of us and they can't be bothered to revamp the game so we can keep playing. I guess I might as well delete it now since it's dead in the water, just like Katy Perry Pop.
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