No more error 116000 now "new content available- restart the game"

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New content available
restart the game

-and it goes on forever-

It happens even during the game:
I was on a long winning streak in pvp event.

I got the error while collecting the winnings,
after having won a pvp match,
when I was able to login again,
my streak was broken, and I started from zero,
as I would, having lost!

Now that's boring!


  • AlainCh2AlainCh2 New Member Registered Users 34 Posts
    Forgot to tell:
    Game Center welcome me every time,
    Then the game download configs,
    download save configs
    And the message appear .....
    And again, same cicle.

    Tried to:
    Close the app ( no other were running)
    Restart the Iphone6

    Same story as error 116000


    Thanks for any help or suggestion!
  • AlainCh2AlainCh2 New Member Registered Users 34 Posts
    Bad, really bad!

    Not only I lost the streak....

    When I was able to reconnect, after I wrote the previous posts,
    I was not avarded the 15 piece of weapon ( I was around 450 in the leaderboard )
    But also didnt enter in the silver league!

    No idea why, but quite angry I am :-((
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