good bye glu

misteremistere New Member1 PostsRegistered Users
why does glu insist on making this game impossible to advance. I have been stuck with this one contract red alert for past month. I spent about 20$ buying med kit. but I still can't finish the contract. I guess my gun is too weak because if I kill too slowly, more enemy soldier appears. make this easier or give me more contracts.


  • andy-blackandy-black New Member 24 PostsRegistered Users
    Spend your $20 on flashbangs. That will blind the enemies and make them easy to shoot. I find this approach better than using medkits. Also, save your game and when you get killed, load your saved game and try again. You may not have to spend any actual money if you can give the missions multiethnic tries.
  • andy-blackandy-black New Member 24 PostsRegistered Users
    I meant to say multiple tries.
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