Issue with rewards on special event

rayzoxrayzox New MemberRegistered Users 1 Posts
I've recently done the special event and have gotten around 328,000 (managing to lose the 10x at one point) and wasn't rewarded with the melee and frag grenades. Anywhere I can go to talk to someone? The timer went to -1 seconds. I have a picture If needed, many thanks
-Newb to contract killer


  • CandieDisilvio306CandieDisilvio306 New Member Registered Users 20 Posts
    I wish I knew where you can go to get some help Rayzox. Normally Gree is pretty good about giving the appropriate prizes for the special events but most of all I wanted to welcome you aboard and good luck!
  • AthoideAthoide New Member Registered Users 6 Posts
    I am having the same problem, as soon as it gets to 340K. The game ends.
  • AthoideAthoide New Member Registered Users 6 Posts
    Now I got it. It's 20 waves so you gotta make 440.000 during that.
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