This game needs and update with some serious fixes.

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So, I have been playing this game lately and it has kept me hooked for now but just like other Contract Killer games, I hope this one doesn't lose it's beauty over the issues players have been experiencing and the limits till what a player can achieve in game. Following are a few things that needs to be included in an upcoming update to this game...

1. First, please remove the default "Thanks for the diamonds, sucker!" message which is sent to the players if someone doesn't input anything in the message box after they win a PvP match. The defeated player sees the default message and it is kinda taunting and insulting to a lot of players. That is another reason why most of us receive a rude reply message after they get revenge on us.

* Tips to players - Kindly input something in the message box to overwrite the default insulting message till this is fixed before tapping on the Claim button..

2. The Base Defense is capped at Tier 4 with a max of 16,000 diamonds one can store at a time. And there are weapon upgrades which cost 19,000 diamonds or higher. The only other way to upgrade these weapons is by using gold. Please raise the Base Defense to Tier V or more and increase the storage capacity of diamonds in a game update, so that free players/average spenders can continue upgrading their weapons without gold but with lots of hard work. Keep this game attractive for all level of players.

3. The max player level is Level 30 right now. Kindly increase the player level in an upcoming update and enable free energy refills when a player levels up like in many other games.

4. Fix the bug which makes the game stall sometimes when a player tries to attack another in PvP. The energy and diamonds are both lost and the game stalls at the loading screen. Have waited more than 10 mins to see if it loads but it doesn't. Forces a player to restart the game.

5. Keep this game updated with new content and some limited time only weapons. Stopped playing Frontline Commando 2 as the same rewards were circulated without any new content. Hope doesn't happen with CK: Sniper..

And please listen to customer feedback. Thanks.
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