Impossible Game, Good Money Spinner.

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I'm at the point of giving this game up and going back to Angry Birds, excuse the language but I'm beging to this this game is an absolute p**s take, I loose 1 in 3 on energy which is a kick in the nuts when I've earned them or purchased them, you click PVP and game just hangs so you have to restart game which means you loose battle (p**s take 1).
PVP well where do I start, impossible frustrating Mikey take, one step forward 20 back, ("taking a knife to a gun fight comes to mind"), I'm up for a challenge but taking the p**s is a bit too much as the levels on Mach up can be a bit of a joke (p**s take 2).
The amount of diamonds that gets taken, well I'm not sure how that's worked out unless it's on the more you have the more gets taken, which is (p**s take 3) as I said earlier 1 step forward but more like 40 back.
I've come to the conclusion that unless you are willing to blow stupid money on this game but have no skill you will go far, but if you think a little bit of money and skill, forget it you got no chance, it seriously looks like this game is just a money bank, it starts you of with a tease, but then hits you over the head with a club when your not looking.
As I said earlier Angry Birds or some of the older games are looking far more appealing at this moment in time, will go on for a bit longer but can't see me sticking with it UNLESS I WIN THE LOTTERY, OTHER THAN THAT I CAN'T AFFORD TO PLAY IT!
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