Had enough getting really boring.

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I've been playing this game for a while now, I'm at the stage of giving up with it, it's getting boring, same old thing it takes forever to build up diamonds, the more you have the more you lose, I went from losing about 100 now I'm actually loosing up to 2000 diamonds, game keeps crashing I loose 1 in 3 energy, Game Center recons they are trying to sort out the problems but I bet that doesn't get done till more people have thrown more money into the game befor they get wise.
As for the high priced weapons, that's why they are high priced because they want to empty your bank account, the way I see it get you hooked lower levels then kick you in the nuts when you're well and truly hooked, to be honest Kill Shot is looking very appealing to go back to but glue doesn't make that one, it seems a very fair game to a certain level but weapons again, what can I say you want serious fire power "get your wallet out yet again".
I've come to the conclusion these game are not designed for skilled people, but for a bottom less wallet player with no skill.
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