Error Codes on Contract Killer Sniper update

tngrandfathertngrandfather Registered Users 21 Posts
New update, same Network Error crashes on Contract Killer Sniper.

However, at least I am now getting error code numbers. Problem is, I can't find anything on that explains what problems the code numbers represent. I have encountered three in the last two hours: 101000, 106000 and 203304. Anybody got any info?

Also, the free video rewards were slow at first ... now I'm not getting paid at all. Not in gold or supplies as advertised. If the video plays, we should receive the award for watching. Glu, you're falling down on the job. Almost as bad as Tapjoy and Trialpay.


  • xsgt1xsgt1 Registered Users 41 Posts
    I am having CKS freeze up while attempting to play in PVP ... I have to. Reboot to get out of it, and when the game is rebooted, it shows that I lost to an opponent that I had no opportunity to play. I don't mind losing Diamonds if I actually lose, but this is asinine to lose Diamonds w/o the benefit of playing another party !!!
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