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Glu/Handles...how about a little more response to peoples posts/threads than once a week or so, only 2 say ull let the dev team know about it. There r a lot of people that post legitimate questions/concerns that continue 2 go unanswered. I would like questions 2 my answers in the thread "losing thousands of diamonds w/an empty vault". I would also like 2 know when the game crashing problem is going 2 b fixed? i leave my game on all night and usually never had a problem until about 2 wks ago, and now almost every night, and the last 6 niGhts straight, it has kicked me out, and i wake up 2 find i have lost thousands or 10s of thousands of diamonds. This is really getting annoying!!! And it doesnt just happen at night, it will just kick me off at any time of the day.


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    dude keep in mind they need to find the time to get no to here, and then read all concerns/questions. And then relay them back to the devs. And then when the devs have time outside of working on game stuff an upgrades and tweeks and past recce all issues. Then they can begin looking into newer issues.

    Bottom line to remember here... Rome wasn't built in a day!
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    Thinking positively...I'm hoping some of these issues, that have been occurring since the game started, are figured out for good and that the forum moderators are helping the customer service department with service tickets while advocating our concerns to the development teams in a meaningful way.

    Negatively thinking....everyone is just watching the Kardashian game blow up Glu's bank account and these shooting games are on the back burner... :(
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    Make that 7 nights in a row now it has crashed and lost around 40k diamonds, most of which came from my vault...i had over 80k when i went 2 bed and woke up with 53k or so. So tired of having 2 start over the diamond collecting process...
  • David TDavid T Senior Member Registered Users 1,055 Posts
    arnman wrote: »
    ....So tired of having 2 start over the diamond collecting process...

    You realize that is music to Glu's bank account ears and I modified your post with "Glu Vision" perspective.

    New game 'hint': "Tired of collecting diamonds? Use gold instead! It's quick, reliable, and easy to use. Your troubles are only a few clicks away. Look for the "+" sign to add more fun to the game and watch your worries disappear." *Sponsored by Customer's Reluctant Sarcasm (CRS)
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