The game has taken a Twisted turn, Torture

Neo1800Neo1800 Registered Users 94 Posts
I'm stuck at Russian campaign, being $250K is worthless right now -
so a lot of Kill All missions at the only 2 spots.

But now when the mission starts, I take 1 shot and let the Drone get involved for most of it,
go get coffee, come back, and they're still at it.

Now, my turn,
only I shoot the ******* in the foot, let the drone get a few off, then go for the elbow.
Only if the clock gets close to running out, then forced to end it, or take it out on his stereo.

I may have created a new sniper agenda, an advanced SP - Sniper/Punisher.
Go ahead azzhat, make my day. So do I have 32 rounds left, or 31?
There should be talk back feature, ****it.
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