A Clan Wars Guide

HandlesHandles Advanced MemberGluRegistered Users 911 Posts
Here is a small guide for the Clan Wars system.


Feel free to give feedback or ask questions.


  • amsoft2000amsoft2000 Expert Member New York CityRegistered Users 5,782 Posts
    Thanks HANDLES ... I certainly will, once I've had the chance to receive the update.
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  • bradr752bradr752 Senior Member Registered Users 1,962 Posts
    Handles, would it be possible to post a brief fact sheet on clan wars detailing how Clan Level and Map level affect Clan War battles and how the size Token winnings are determined for Clan Wars battles? It is very unclear what the strategic and tactical elements of Clan wars are.
  • RaylinaDRaylinaD Experienced Member Registered Users 120 Posts
    I'm posting here to see if anyone is willing to assist in this thread. I'm still confused about the nuances of the clan wars system.
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