Is GLU Trying to Bury This Game?

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The last update was for an Elite Region a couple weeks ago, but with no new guns/levels/Tiers and their needed upgrades, we have been teetering on game death for about 6 months.
And now, the one final enjoyment left in this game - Clan Wars - has not started. I think we should be on Season 104?
I have regretfully ended my long held subscription along with a vast majority of users because of no new updates.
It's very sad to see GLU intentionally kill this game, was it that hard to continue the upgrade progression? The only real new content was in making new weapons and painting them. Maybe coming up with new names was too daunting?

GLU, do you ever listen to Customer Care and the feedback we try to get you to hear? Even they are clueless as to where/what/why management is doing.


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    With the effort we put into the game, our bases, weapons and players, a conversation with a developer about the future would be nice. Instead we are left with?
    Huggles, Raylina
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    CKS Customer Care Reply re: Clan Wars..
  • 73AA73AA New Member Registered Users 14 Posts

  • 73AA73AA New Member Registered Users 14 Posts
    There have been no new weapons for 6 months, VIP events stopped a month ago, clan wars stopped this week and not a soul from GLU has posted on the CKS forum in over year.
  • try_againtry_again Senior Member Registered Users 1,302 Posts
    What's always concerned me about Customer Care, is when asked a question about GLU continuing to provide anything new (speaking of Tiers starting at 1 and now stalled at 42 for the last 2 months), is it because management will not tell them what's planned, or CC doesn't ask, or they don't want us to know that there is no intention to continue content support for this game?
    The hand waving explanations given by CC only try to placate players and never provide meaningful needed answers for a game that has clearly closed doors on it's players.
    The last response I received when playing Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation about new content was "Stay tuned!" which is short hand for "Keep the faith, you're s c r e w e d, s u c k e r s ! ! !"

    A little truth could go a long way to restoring customer faith!
  • Agent7RockyAgent7Rocky Experienced Member Registered Users 292 Posts
    Guys ,,,are u still waiting for something from glu,, lol 
    They are greedy ..and suppose if something new is released ,,,after that you have to use it for another 6 to 7 months ..
    So their is no doubt that the game is dead from a one 8 months time.
    So Jao 
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