When is the game going to start

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You said that the game would start in June and now it is July and nothing has happened. PEOPLE ARE leaving the game because we don't have clan wars anymore and some have quit their subscriptionsite. So is this game dead or not ? Can you give us a reasonable timeline when the game will be running again.


  • try_againtry_again Senior Member Registered Users 1,302 Posts
    The last I heard from Customer Care, Contract Killer: Sniper has been reclassified a Legacy Game, or a Classic Game, it is no longer in their Featured Game lineup. I would strongly urge you to stop paying any money for subscription! There is no intention to put anymore development into this game.

    In the words of most, it is Dead! No more updates, no more new content, VIP's, Sales, Clan Wars, Global Events or Leagues. What you see is what it is. I'm very sorry to see it relegated to the trash heap of gaming - Glu has done us a great disservice, and is letting it starve a neglected existence. And in typical fashion, won't even make an official announcement as such to let us know anything. Shame they didn't sell it outright instead of killing it.

    And one other thing, posting anything on this forum will never be responded to by GLU. They just don't give a ----.
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