Update changed my weapons



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    Paxdog wrote: »
    We have to be together or fail. Don't worry, you will get access to my diamonds anyway when I quit the game.

    You just keep enjoying getting downgraded....because you won't have the right to complain. Because rather than helping, you decided to take advantage like a ****.

    I ain't your mother so don't brand as that disgrace..

    As for me not wishing to quit, I am not feeding the machines will real cash so I have nothing to complain about. If I was stupid enough to feed money into this game, then I'd give gave a flying hoot about them levelling out weapons to even out the game for all.

    Sadly I'm not a paying player I'm a free player so then stat changes are all part of the game experience because changes do happen on any game like improvements and tweets here an there. Stop playing an go masturbate then your not be wasting time complaining so mug anot a GAME...
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