No event this weekend?

Usually there's a special event every weekend - free play, fame drop, gold drop. I don't have one this weekend - anyone else the same??


  • bessiebessie Registered Users 1 Posts
    I was wondering the same thing about the free event play!!! I was very disappointed I look so forward to the events😥
  • SisterbearSisterbear Registered Users 113 Posts
    For some reason cooking dash posts events on the diner dash facebook. It said this weekend was suppose to be half off prep time. it is sure an event most of us could use with the new prep kitchen set up. All of the facebook comments were people saying they did not have the event.
  • rumnehrumneh Registered Users 22 Posts
    No event this week
  • CinWinsCinWins Registered Users 4 Posts
    So, I'm thinking...since we're not getting any special events this weekend we should get a double special next weekend. I vote for free play and half off prep recipes. Of course, we're all still really waiting to be able to use all recipes in all venues, like before.
  • HeidiFishHeidiFish Registered Users 78 Posts
    Customer support told me that "a small percentage of people didn't get this weekend's event" and that they were aware and working on it. I hope they identify those of us who didn't get it and give us something extra/special! And I like Cinwins idea - they should give us a double event all next weekend (then, of course, I'd get nothing done but play all weekend . . . )
  • DashGuruBrianDashGuruBrian Registered Users 152 Posts
    Our update went out with an undercooked set of code that caused the Weekend Event not to execute - and we're most apologetic about it, chefs!

    We're working at some great things to make up for it, rest assured. Thanks for bearing with us, all!
  • ginnyenagyginnyenagy Registered Users 6 Posts
    Have all of the special awards linked to events been taken away? That was the fun in playing the events for me--being able to get VIPs and other rewards from the events.
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