Suggestion: Season 4 for 3-season shows

doantuankhoidoantuankhoi Junior MemberRegistered Users 146 Posts
I think it would be better if the devs focus on adding all season 4 episodes for those 3-season shows all in 1 or 2 updates to add consistency to every venues (every show has 4 seasons). Also it'll take less effort to make just new dishes instead of a whole new venue. I'm hungry for those season 4 episodes since at season 3 they just leave a cliffhanger "season 3 complete" at those shows.
PS: It would be better if there is a new boost that come along with this update, but right now everything is still fine. There can be a super power that lets us combine super powers on our own (3 2-in-1 make-your-own boosts for 3 venues sounds pretty lazy but some of us may love it since we get to combine boosts at our wish instead of waiting for a new 2-in-1 to come) or a super power that gives double coins for all customers in a level is really awesome :D
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