Does CUSTOMER CARE , really care?!

NamakrotNamakrot Registered Users, Member 1 Posts
Im sure im not the only one that is absolutely disappointed with the customer service side of this massive company! Its so frustrating to deal with bugs & glitches constantly, on a regular basis, and now everytime I buy gold, it charges my card but never gives me the gold!! I have contacted customer “care” soooo many times for soooo many concerns, and they are always blaming either the payment process, or my connection which is never a problem with any other game or apps!! 
I have spent hundreds of dollars on this game, which im now regretting as I feel like Glu & the customer service side of Cooking Dash really just wants to rip people off. They make millions of money, yet everytime they mess up with my payments or the glitches lose my progress, I have to send “proof” for them to believe me. Lol. Like come on. 
I think if this keeps continuing, the game needs to be boycotted by us so they can pay a Bit more attention to their customers.
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