Lost "All Customers Served" status on most levels



  • austengirl63austengirl63 Registered Users, Member 1 Posts
    Should we keep playing?  They keep adding incentives to do so.  
  • arisa_atreidesarisa_atreides Registered Users 19 Posts
    Had this happened last night. I finished a level in Bouncy Bday and was shocked that all the gold crowns in other venues were turning to silver right before my eyes. I panicked and contacted the customer service before checking the forum (they haven’t responded).

    I think it’s useless to try replaying to get the gold wings back. I finished another level in Bouncy Bday and the one I had previously just finished (and had gold wings) turned into silver.
  • arisa_atreidesarisa_atreides Registered Users 19 Posts
    I got my gold crowns back but my game now lost a lot of progress 😠 The stages I cleared in Giza and Bouncy Bday are reset, lots of upgrades I purchased with golds are back unpurchased, and lots of the VIP recipes I collected are gone. The worst thing is that those > 600 golds I spent to purchased the missing upgrades aren’t being returned back to me.

    This is really upsetting. I’d rather replay to serve all the customers than losing all of those progress + purchases without getting the golds back.
  • DashingMikeDashingMike Experienced Member Moderators 664 Posts
    The team is working on fixing this issue. In the meantime, I would suggest not aiming to get the gold crown.
  • tancabeantancabean Registered Users, Member 8 Posts
    Thanks DashingMike. Does the fix include rolling back our games to an earlier backup? It would help to know whether it’s safe to continue playing and spending gold before this is fixed. 
  • arisa_atreidesarisa_atreides Registered Users 19 Posts
    Thanks, @DashingMike. Would it be possible to recover the missing upgrades? Maybe do a rollback to my data yesterday?

    Now that I know there is this issue, I stop playing and spending golds. But I’d really like to recover the purchases I spent on the last 3 weeks before I was aware of this issue, especially that I went on a spending spree during the labor day weekend.

    I really should have screenshotted all upgrades I purchased on every venue, unfortunately the only thing I screenshot was the completed levels on Bouncy Bday since I was thinking that the restore would only potentially delete 1-2 days worth of progress. Never knew it would be rolled so far back.
  • DashingMikeDashingMike Experienced Member Moderators 664 Posts
    The team is out right now but I'll confirm with them about your upgrades tomorrow. In the meantime, I wouldn't suggest trying to play the same episodes to get the gold crown back. Feel free to play other episodes where you didn't have the gold or just brand new episodes. If we are unable to roll back, we'll have Customer Care credit you the amount to get you your upgrades back to normal.
  • arisa_atreidesarisa_atreides Registered Users 19 Posts
    Ok, sounds good. To update my game status: the missing levels were only in Giza and Bouncy Bday, but I just looked thorough all venues again and the missing purchases were much more than that. Adventurous Eats, Metal Chef, and other venues I completed 1-2 years ago are now at 0% upgrades (completed levels are still intact and the gold crowns are back).

    I’m not going to play for now until things stabilize. Wouldn’t want to risk missing more things. Thanks in advance for helping us check with the team.
  • DashingMikeDashingMike Experienced Member Moderators 664 Posts
    In the meantime, please contact Customer Care and then PM me with the name you attached to the ticket. This will help me take a look at your account.
  • arisa_atreidesarisa_atreides Registered Users 19 Posts
    edited September 2018
    Looks like customer service won’t able able to restore all my missing upgrades. And while it’s nice of them to provide some golds as a consolation prize, it’s nowhere near enough to restore my 2-year worth of upgrades in 24 venues that are now back to 0%. My completed stars and all customers served are intact except in 2 venues, but I won’t be able to complete the Trial of Style if the upgrades are at 0%.

    To everyone who hopefully has not had this missing upgrades issue, I highly suggest you screenshot every single thing you have. All purchased tools, food, and decoration upgrades; all completed episodes, including series finale, and saucers; purchased VIP slots; all owned VIP and super recipes; in every single venue you unlocked. That way you have proof of everything if the data loss were to happen and hopefully they can credit you back to the original. Keep those screenshots and update them as often as you can. It will be too late (like me) if you wait until things happen.

    I am asking one last time if they have at least a backup from 3-5 days ago. If not, I guess it’s time to leave the game. It’s disappointing since I really really like the game, but losing years of progress and golds are not worth starting over.
  • YeslekYeslek New Member Registered Users 26 Posts
    I lost ALL of my gold crowns.  UGH.  I tried to redo a couple in Pieces of Ate, but when I went back it was silver again.  I hope they fix this.
  • arisa_atreidesarisa_atreides Registered Users 19 Posts
    edited September 2018
    DashingMike was able to restore majority of my missing upgrades so I’m good now (and made screenshots of everything 😆). Appreciate the help!
  • LadyhawkeiiiLadyhawkeiii Registered Users, Member 10 Posts
    I had this happen last week. So I was going through and trying to regain my gold crowns as I’m losing coins each day. Just discovered this morning that it happened again and I’m back to square one.😡
  • LaydiaLaydia Registered Users, Member 82 Posts
    @DashingMike can you please provide security that i will not loose progress once this issue is solved or are we asked to screenshot every progress made each day? I did purchase already twice after the issue and as this is taking quite some time i do want to play in the adventure series etc. Am i at risk loosing all progress made? And if so, what do i need to do to ensure i get any loss back?
  • DashingMikeDashingMike Experienced Member Moderators 664 Posts
    @Laydia Don't try to regain your lost crowns. We're working on a fix for this right now. In the meantime, you can still play the game as normal. Just if you've already completed gold stars, no need to go back into the game to grab it.
  • ansk33ansk33 Registered Users 11 Posts
    DashingMike, yesterday the game suddenly started crashing every time I hit the daily goals-button and that happened numerous times. I of course contacted support, but hasn’t heard anything yet, but the problem is solved today. During the day all the accumulated time bonusses on the various recipes suddenly vanished - it has taken me an enormous time to achieve all those time bonusses - is that going to be restored, because that issue is not resolved yet???

     I had the thing with the crowns and the wings happen to me last week - I don’t know, if there is any connection, but it’s not resolved yet - and the button to gain access to the prize wheel also dissapeared yesterday and is still missing. 

    Is the game being hacked or what is going on??? Information is key here!!! I spent a lot of money on this game, and I deserve some answers and a lot more than the 30 pieces of gold I got, when I lost the golden wings!!! The gold represents no value to Cooking Dash, since you invented that currency, but I spent real money and a lot of real time and effort on that game!
  • DashingMikeDashingMike Experienced Member Moderators 664 Posts
    The crowns is a known issue that our team is working on. I'm not sure what you mean by accumulated time bonuses. Can you embellish?
  • ansk33ansk33 Registered Users 11 Posts
    Absolutely. For example when I “build” Fast Flo in the prep kitchen, it normally takes you four hours, but I was awarded a time bonus for finishing a certain season, and could until yesterday build her in three hours. I had numerous such time bonusses attached to many of the VIPs and normal customers that are prepared in the prep kitchen, and they are all suddenly gone!
  • kaiamahalakaiamahala Registered Users, Member 18 Posts
    I’ve lost a lot of upgrades in most of my venues as well. Do I need to open a ticket @DashingMike
  • cookingbombcookingbomb Registered Users, Member 1 Posts
    Just lost all my serve all customers gold crowns is there a fix yet
  • bluefire1983bluefire1983 Registered Users, Member 28 Posts
    It also just happened to me. Finished one of the episodes of Adventurous Eats for the treasure hunt and bam. Golds turned to silver. I hope we won’t be expected to provide screenshots of our gold laurels in every restaurant? 
  • me202me202 Registered Users 14 Posts
    No update on this for a while.  What is the eta?  Can we safely spend gold to move forward in the game?  I don't want to have to go to customer service begging for my upgrades back after they fix the golden crown.
  • pricklyshrubpricklyshrub Registered Users, Member 8 Posts
    I have lost the gold crowns for 22 of my venues! It happened spontaneously. What is going on? 
  • ale256ale256 Registered Users, Member 2 Posts
    Mine too. Lost all my gold Crown in every game that i played and become Silver. Most of my game slot recipe decrease from 3 slot became 2 slot. Tried to contact CS, but No respond. I spent a lot of money for this game. Please fix it
  • opay30opay30 Registered Users, Member 3 Posts
    Its been 3 weeks. No progress and respond from customer service
  • DashingMikeDashingMike Experienced Member Moderators 664 Posts
    This is a known issue that our team is working on. Please rest assured that not having gold crowns will not affect your progress in the Adventure Series whatsoever.
  • kate9410kate9410 Registered Users, Member 8 Posts
    DashingMike, we keep reading "the team is working on it" but when will it be back? Can you provide a time frame? Two more weeks? Another month? Its surprising that it's taken this long and no word about when we can expect the gold crown issue to be fixed. This game for many has cost a lot of money and as a paying customer I expect a little more.
  • BlackGorBlackGor Registered Users, Member 1 Posts
    Hi ! The problem is not solved yet... When a fix will be available ?
  • DashingMikeDashingMike Experienced Member Moderators 664 Posts
    I can't provide a time frame sadly. I can only pass along your sentiments to the team. Rest assured that they are very aware of the concern that everyone has in regards to the gold crown and is diligently working to get this fixed as soon as they can.
  • DashingMikeDashingMike Experienced Member Moderators 664 Posts
    Once there is a fix for this I will update this thread. In the meantime, I unfortunately, don't have an update. Please rest assured that the team is aware of it and looking to fix it as soon as they can.
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