changes since last update

So I've noticed a few new features since the last update, some I think are great. First, they finally eliminated Fast Flo as a prize in Trial of style. However, they replaced it with Fast and flingerous. I still would rather have gold or a VIP recipie that takes two days to complete such as swift serve, or have the vip prize be for the lower ranks.
They added a thing where you can trade in your VIP tickets for outfits and prizes in Chew Orleans. I love love this.
Also I noticed it seemed to reset all my level that i had played to brown instead of gold (indicating I had served all customers). It has done this for every venue. I have gone back and replayed and it will mark the level as gold, but the next day it's gone. Weird./


  • kate9410kate9410 Registered Users, Member 8 Posts
    How do you trade VIP tickets for stuff in Chew Orleans?
  • winter004winter004 Registered Users, Member 94 Posts
    It was a limited time offer I think.
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