Missing gold after completing offers

I completed a Tapjoy offer and got the message saying that I received 306 gold, but the gold was never added to my total. This is the second time this has happened. The first time customer service said they cannot credit the gold again, which I understand. However, since this is the second time, this issue is becoming frustrating. Can this be looked into so it doesn't keep happening? Also, is there any way for customer service to check that the gold wasn't credited properly? 


  • EmGemEmGem New Member 3 PostsRegistered Users
    I had the same thing happen! It was a “double” offer worth 1,000+. Customer service has not responded to my last few emails so I suppose they won’t do anything about it. It is frustrating because it took several weeks to earn. 
  • MeggoMeggo New Member 4 PostsRegistered Users
    I’m having the same issue now. Completed two offers during the double gold time worth over 300. Both times Tapjoy says they have no proof despite me sending screen shots clearly showing I did what was required. Customer service just says we tried contacting them and they didn’t respond. Too bad!
  • baillardbaillard 4 PostsRegistered Users, Member
    Exact same issue for me, I submitted proof via the tapjoy  for a double offer worth 900+ gold multiplease time and tapjoy closes the case without explanation  or any reason.  glu support just sent me standard text about completing  offer within paywall!
  • rachealforrestrachealforrest 1 PostsRegistered Users, Member
    I completed a double offer for the Walmart one. I submitted my proof. They finally got back to me saying it was credited. When I logged on a popup showed up saying I had been credited the gold. Funny thing is,  that it never showed up in my account. They keep telling me it was credited and I keep telling them, no it wasn't. Customer service is junk 
  • Tina01Tina01 3 PostsRegistered Users, Member
    I gave up on trying to earn gold on the offers when they switched to tap joy.  There are no free ones for watching a video and I don’t like all the info you have to put in for some of them.  I even opened up a “junk mail” account on gmail just to handle all the crap e-mails I get from some of the sites.  Not worth it for a couple of gold, imho.
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