New recipes??

Why has it been ages since they brought out a new recipe, I believe the last time they did a new one was for kpop kitchen with swift serve and Maggie as the super customers, up until then you had a new super customer and happy hour recipe for every venue, now they are just repeating the happy hours, which I get to a certain extent. I get there is only so many things that they can do for extras (being fast, not burning etc) but they can at least do different combinations when you have 3 different venues using the same happy hour recipe it is not right, especially if you use them all in the trial of style and you still need more there are only 3 slots so if you get 4 venues you are screwed.
Also I think it is just money grabbing too, they want to get a new venue out nearly every month and then try to get you to spend money on it with the treasure hunt (last one is always have 3 stars on every level) and the trial of style that follows, so they don't have time to think of new recipes or super customers because they need to get the next venue out!


  • DennieDennie Registered Users, Member 110 Posts
    I really like the repeat VIP’s. I can make take your time, turbo time and auto serve in much less time as a result. I am hoping for another swift serve venue and even a time bonuses. 
    I like the new venue too as I have finished all the others. 
    However I would be keen on a new VIP that combined auto serve and no burning. It would be really good in a lot of the new venues. 
  • AnnaNaomiAnnaNaomi Registered Users, Member 19 Posts
    Yeah that is a good thing about repeat vips, but it's the only upside I can see really
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