Daily Goal is impossible

bryacynthbryacynth 2 PostsRegistered Users, Member
I've never had this happen before, I didn't think it was something the game would actually do.  But today I got assigned a daily goal to "cook and serve shrimp and chive dumpling six times in Dim Sum Citadel."

I've only barely finished the first season of Dim Sum Citadel, and from what I can figure looking online I won't unlock that recipe until way later in the restaurant (season four maybe?) so with the supplies I get today there's no way for me to get that far, that fast, and even unlock the recipe.

This seems like a really screwed up way to do the daily goals. I've never had one that was a recipe I hadn't even unlocked before.  I sincerely hope this is a glitch and not just the way this works now...


  • minhyunminhyun 6 PostsRegistered Users, Member
    Same happened to me also once. I wasn't be able to complete this goal and missed the daily reward this day :(. Don't think such goal should be assigned.
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