Per customer support, free gold for watching ads has officially been discontinued in this game

Insert sadness here. 
(Thought we could use a thread with the bad news in the title since many people are asking where the videos are.)


  • HeidiFishHeidiFish Registered Users 78 Posts
    They told me the same thing  :'(. They have been slowly withdrawing support for this game for years and this is another nail in the coffin. Ah, for the good old days with new venues and our dedicated support guy, Dashing Mike! 
  • AlkieAlkie Registered Users, Member 3 Posts
    Wow 😯 that is awful news considering I haven’t been able to play any of the Trial of Styles since returning to the game and support just said they were working on it, but have no concrete timelines for a fix.  I guess that means I probably won’t ever be able to play any of the events fully ever again 🥺😢😭

  • juliagruizjuliagruiz Registered Users, Member 10 Posts
    What does per customer support? They do not have enough customers? This game is soooo much better than the others with flo. 
  • juliagruizjuliagruiz Registered Users, Member 10 Posts
    My suggestion If they lost sponsors. Change the amount of gold we will need to get improvements. Instead of so many gold make it coins and less golds. So we still have a challenge but not impossible. Do you agree?
  • punkysdilemmapunkysdilemma Registered Users 160 Posts
    edited April 2022
    I mean, I get it: a video ad system requires technical support on the backend plus useful ad inventory, and if the game is done and the eyeball count is decreasing, diminishing returns are inevitable.  I do wish they'd offer more opportunities to either earn more gold or, like you said, reduce the cost of upgrades (I remember years ago when there were "open this venue for free" flash sales)...
    I work in tech, I understand why this game isn't on anyone's roadmap anymore, but...I still wish someone over at glu would quietly flip some bits and throw us a no-new-code-required kind of bone.
  • lavender8lavender8 Registered Users, Member 15 Posts
    I agree.  Just increase the number where gold and vip is offered such as deal wheel and daily goals and then we can still play.     Anything !! 
  • wafflesswaffless Registered Users, Member 4 Posts
    Truly so sad 😢
  • juliagruizjuliagruiz Registered Users, Member 10 Posts
    the offers are back!!!!!
  • lavender8lavender8 Registered Users, Member 15 Posts
    Just the tapjoy offers that you need to purchase false eyelashes or something else rediculous or take a long survey that doesn’t even work.     
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