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Who has played this game on an Android and an Apple device? Which one interfaces better? Plays better? Are there advantages to one vs. the other. I don't want all the Android vs Apple argument that might ensue. I just want someone who has played both platforms to weigh in if they feel one is better FOR THIS GAME.


  • pistoffpistoff Registered Users 865 Posts
    I play on both platforms. They're similar but different. Gold prices are higher on Android and the game is a lot buggier on there, too. Quite often there'll be different offers on in the weapon shop, as well. Gold differs because you get gold coins on Android and gold bars on iOS. I think iOS just shades it because it's generally more stable, the game crashes about every half an hour on my Android phone!
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    Play on my galaxy s3 tab never had a problem
  • todfoxxtodfoxx Registered Users 1,933 Posts
    Play on my kindle fire, never had a problem, my android phone regions 4@9 are bugged up, got past 4 but region 9 won't let me complete the trophy hunts. It keeps freezing up, so I cannot go any farther on my phone, also unable to play lost temple event on my android phone,because of reg. 4 being so buggy.
    Galaxy tab S :cool: Kindle hdx
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    I had a iPhone when I first started playing this game and had success with it. Now I have a galaxy note 3 and love the game more because you get more coins at one point l had 1500 coins spent a lot on this past update. My galaxy never crashes and knock on wood. So my suggestion would be go to an android.
  • pistoffpistoff Registered Users 865 Posts
    My Android phone was glitchy in region 4 when I first tried the game on there. I reinstalled it and it was better second time, but obviously I had to start again from the beginning.
  • biggamepisalbiggamepisal Registered Users 115 Posts
    Well, that answered nothing. LOL
  • solarsolar Registered Users 8 Posts
    Well, that answered nothing. LOL

    I'd say there were a few good answers, one OS gives more points, has a different way of awarding gold, and someone said the Android system is a little "buggier".

    I'd say that the "game play" overall is the same for both, other than small software quirks from different OS' that may score differently ?
  • pistoffpistoff Registered Users 865 Posts
    Well, that answered nothing. LOL

    Bar tiny differences, all mentioned, the game is the same. What were you expecting to hear?
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