Handgun question?

LosLos Registered Users 263 Posts
Is the headsman elite the only handgun I'll need in region 9? Or is the stingray necessary also?

The region 7 headsman blasts Like a shotgun. Does the headsman elite have the same shot pattern?

The sting ray is on sale, so I thought this would be a good time to purchase it, if it's necessary for any region 9 hunts.


  • KatyKaty Registered Users 5 Posts
    You need to buy both top handguns to complete the levels.
  • SheppeckSheppeck Registered Users 1,609 Posts
    The region 9 stingray pistol is not needed for anything. And the headsman elite does have the same shot pattern as the region 7 headsman.
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  • straightshooterstraightshooter Registered Users 1,231 Posts
    Always go for highest region possible region 10 fang may be worth having but so far region releases focus on rifle as a requirement more than any other weapon to complete trophy hunts unless an event is released.that requires a pistol they're not put to much use
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