Obtaining consumables

biggamepisalbiggamepisal Registered Users 115 Posts
How do you obtain consumables? Can they be purchased? If so, where?


  • David TDavid T Registered Users 1,055 Posts
    How do you obtain consumables? Can they be purchased? If so, where?

    Rare hunts and Bounties rewards. Back in December(maybe January?) I remember getting a few special offers to buy them, but haven't seen that offer sense then.
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  • biggamepisalbiggamepisal Registered Users 115 Posts
    Guess I'm screwed then. This is what bugs me about this game. You always have ALMOST what you need to enjoy it.
  • LosLos Registered Users 263 Posts
    Use the contract hunts to bounty up, and you will get the consumables. If your using them because you don't want to spend real money on the faster rifles, try taking a step toward your next target left or right depending on where your next target is,it will take you out of scope mode faster so you can find your next target faster
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    If you haven't earned any consumables from bounties but still want to tick of the bounty during a hunt clicking on either the sports drink or hollowpoints icon brings up an option to purchase for glu also check under specials occasionally offers come up to buy on sale
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  • Eric BEric B Registered Users 52 Posts
    Thanx for the tip on takin a step with the scope
  • biggamepisalbiggamepisal Registered Users 115 Posts
    Good to know. So when I use up what I have, there's options for more.
  • pistoffpistoff Registered Users 865 Posts
    Yep, just press the button, even if it shows you have zero. It'll just ask if you want to buy another. Last time I checked a sports drink was 12 golds.
  • dlafontainedlafontaine Registered Users 2 Posts
    Can you buy consumables with bucks or just with gold? If just with gold, why don't they let you get more gold so that you can at least finish your bounties!
  • muskoxmuskox Registered Users 131 Posts
    Diafontaine, seems to be an old question here on the forums. Glu wants to make it hard for you to complete levels without the purchase of gold. It is the new thing with apps these days, called "in app purchases". It is a marketing tool to get people hooked and then charge them to continue into advanced levels or types of play. This is not just a Glu thing. Some think it's sleazy, others think it's good business and the fence is evenly divided. This game can be played slowly and patiently without buying gold and there are some hunts you may have to forgo. Or you can spend money and hunt pretty much anything as fast or as slow as you would like. Many of us have expressed a desire for this game to be more "affordable" and Glu gave us the bounties, where you could earn gold simply by playing. Many of us were grateful for that opportunity and we look forward to more profitable bounties in the future. They also provide the free advertisement videos to watch for gold. Maybe one day, Glu will be a little more generous with the gold, but the fact is, Glu made the game and they can charge what they so desire. It comes down to whether you are willing to play it slowly and methodically or whether you want to spend the money to play more quickly, but that's how it is. If neither work for you, then this may not be the game for you. As the old saying goes, it is what it is. It is a very fun game and we hope that you stick with it.
  • David TDavid T Registered Users 1,055 Posts
    Well written Muskox.
    iPhone 4, usually.
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