Region 10 shotgun?

LosLos Registered Users 263 Posts
I'm using the gripton barricade, and I'm in region 9. Will the gripton work effectively in region 10?
Does the Clayton force go on sale or offered at a one time price?


  • biggamepisalbiggamepisal Registered Users 115 Posts
    The Gripton should work. I use a level 6 shotgun fully outfitted in region 10 and it knocks birds out of the sky nicely. That's one thing I have to give Glu games credit for, is that you can start levels up with former region weapons, especially shotguns and assault rifles. I would not recommend the Pachyderm level 10 gun. It is no powerful than any other shotgun in the weapon shop despite its claims, and it is a side by side requiring frequent reloading. However, you may need it for special hunts. Don't Fret, just play the game at your pace and have fun with it. Welcome to the forum.
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