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Q: How do I get club hunts and campaign codes?

A: Club hunts are only on iOS devices, there are absolutely no codes for this game, it was a feature that was never implemented.

Q: How do I sync my game between devices, or keep progress when changing phones

A: It is not possible to sync accounts, and most players have reported that they lose all of their progress when changing phone, but here are 2 links that could be helpful;

Q: How do I get more gold?

A: You can either pay for it, or you can get it for free by clicking>"specials">"free gold" or...

On iPhone, you can use tapjoy.com or my.tapjoy.com (not the app, but the app is also helpful for checking the status of you offers i.e. comlpeted, pending or incomplete. although the app is slow at loading this.)

On Android, Glu Credits are shared between most glu games, which means you can have way more gold than you will ever need. This thread shows how much gold you can get from every game, but DH Reloaded alone will be more than enough If you know how to do the daily challenges. http://ggnbb.glu.com/showthread.php?...ld+tips+tricks

Q: When do one time offers and sales pop up?

A: Usually one time offers pop up on the 3rd hunt in a hunting series, this includes the regular hunting series and the weapon series in the events. It isn't always the 3rd hunt, so before starting a hunting series at all, you should make sure you have plenty of gold if you are planning on buying the premium weapons.

Q: I have a weapon that meets all of the requirements for the hunt but it wont let me hunt! why is this?

A: A specific weapon is required. event weapons, or sometimes even for bow series (also make sure it says bow not crossbow!)

Q: Is there a way to downgrade the sights/scope on my weapon?

A: Yes, If you go to upgrade your weapon you will see the level off the upgrade in the top left corner, there are little arrows to the left and the right that you can click to change which sight you have equipped. And then just click FIT.

Q: I kill birds with an assault rifle but they won't count towards the bounty, why?

A: Only the "Ducks" in Regions 1 and 6 count towards this bounty.

Q: What are the best regions for neck and deer shots?

A: Region 6 and hidden region 1 seem to be favorited. the muntjacs, bucks, gazelle , are said to be credited for deer shots. buffalo, and moose are also good for neck shots.

Q: What is there to do when you have everything completed and purchased and have nothing left to spend cash on and now have millions of hunter bucks?

A: Just enjoy the game, play some "Gold hunter", and patiently wait for the next update to be released. If you buy a gun with gold, you can spend it on upgrades, and when the next Region comes out you will be able to spend alot on the new weapons.

Q: When is the next region coming out?

A: New regions tend to come out monthly, and there are events that come out between each region. Also, the updates seem to come in for me on wednesday or thursdays around 8pm (EST), but it also varies depending on your device/platform.

Q: Where can I find the leaderboards and my total kills and total hunts?

A: On iPhone it is in gamecenter, there is a shortcut to gamecenter in the options tab on the first screen of the DH14 app.

On Android, Google+ log in game, then view total kills and total hunts completed

Q: How do I take a screenshot and how do I post images to the forums?

A:You press in the home button and the lock/power button at the same time. (some devices may vary)

You have a few options to upload, Ill just mention the two that I know of...

1.Upload your images to Imgur.com, and you need to copy and paste the "BBCode" link. If you are using the mobile site there will be a dropdown bar that say "link" and you will find the bb code there (if you uploaded more than one image click the image and you will now see this).

2.Download the app photobucket and create an account if you don't have one. Once you've downloaded an image just click on it and on the left click the info circle and click on the IMG URL. It will copy the link and all you have to do is paste it on the forum. It'll show up with a bunch of numbers and letter but you can preview or once you post the phot will appear.

Q: What to do when glu credits/gold are PURCHASED but not received or disappears?
(if gold from an offer is not received, you must contact tapjoy, sponsorpay, or trialpay)

A: Please submit a ticket directly to the Customer Care Team by sending an email that includes your device information, the game name where you need help and a detailed description of the problem. Please be very specific and provide the step by step information needed to replicate the problem.

For iOS and general support: [email protected]

For Android support: [email protected]

Please be aware that it may take up to 48 hours for a response.

If your issue is not listed above and for more info, please check this page http://ggnbb.glu.com/faq.php
you can ask around in the forums to see if anyone has any suggestions to fix your problem, but if it isn't a problem that you can fix, i.e. if it is actually a glitch in the game, you will need to submit a Customer Care ticket so that glu can help you. (links above)

If your problem is something like gold not being received, talking about it in the forums doesn't really help, but you might find that other players are having the same problem and if so, Glu will likely be fixing the bug in the next update.
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  • TotallyNotSteveTotallyNotSteve Registered Users 221 Posts
    This is very informative, DjRadNaD! Thanks for taking the time to compile everything!
  • MystiqueMystique Registered Users 1 Posts
    If there are no club hunts for Android, then why even mention them in the Android app?
  • ColtsfootballColtsfootball Registered Users 1 Posts
    I play on Android am my game hesitated a split second before a shot. It only does it on Dh, none of the other you games I play. Anyone know why
  • Mary HouckMary Houck Registered Users 8 Posts
    I'm having trouble navigationing this forum, how do I get to the recent posts? Most of the posts are outdated & should have been removed to archives.I was unable to play for 3yr ±, and I'm so frustrated with the lack of customer service,Glu credit ,bad unnecessary changes etc.. I'm only play with what I win, or already own. There isn't even a personal 'gun site', which should show Everything you own, including calls, drinks, $-HB, gold, New Coins, etc.
    What are the gold& Diamonds coins for?? Just PvP?
  • Mary HouckMary Houck Registered Users 8 Posts
    My game everytime I play long, the gun will take a moment to 'catch up' & to late. I'm on Android also. I just log out, boost, & return.
  • Elkshair08Elkshair08 Registered Users 2 Posts
    Hello everyone, I play on Apple. All day today, when I have opened the app I have been greeted with “could not connect to server!”. Can someone help me?
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