New challenge for region 13!!!!

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I just completed the region 12 hunting series and trophy hunts without using infrared.

I passed on the gold only rifle because I didn't like the one time price of 600 gold and bought the standard hunter bucks rifle. I used the region 12 assault rifle on multiple kill hunts for a while, but somewhere around hunt # 25 the assault rifle didn't have the stopping power anymore. So, I completed the rest of the hunts with the hunter bucks rifle.

Completing all of the hunts without using infrared was a lot more challenging, and exciting. Unfortunately, I didn't keep track of how many failed hunts it took to complete everything. I'll keep track of that in region 13.

If anyone out there is looking for a good challenge, I suggest you try this in the next region. Maybe we could have a contest to see who can do it with the least amount of failed hunts. It's been a long time since I felt excitement and challenge that I felt in this region. I really enjoyed it. Happy hunting!!!


  • todfoxxtodfoxx Registered Users 1,933 Posts
    I'm in for that challenge! I'll try to remember a month from now! :)
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  • blue ridgeblue ridge Registered Users 442 Posts
    I've been doing the trophy hunts with the assault rifle. Generally takes two shots, so difficult with animals that flee. Predators are a breeze though, since they will attack you.
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  • PZOPZO Registered Users 260 Posts
    LOL! I thought I was the only 1...I'm down for a contest as well
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