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Lucy DLucy D Registered Users 49 Posts
Goddamit! Completed all the special hunts on region 13, just a couple more upgrades to do on the new rifle and shotgun...
Opened game with anticipation this morning to find a message saying that my game didn't match the one on the cloud, or something, giving me 2 options for number of missions completed, both of which were exactly the same. So I picked one and found myself back at the start of region 13, no special hunts completed. Not only that, also back to the start of the special event on regions 8 and 9; all the rare hunts to do again.
And of course no new rifle and shotgun in my ****nal, not even in the store in fact. And also my Sterling Infiltrator bow has gone, which I had fully upgraded.
So I guess I've gone back about a month, or more. Groan...
Is there any way I can reinstate my progress, get back to where I was?
I'm on Android, Samsung Galaxy Nexus.
All suggestions welcome...


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    Lucy DLucy D Registered Users 49 Posts
    ****nal censored!
    A r s e n a l - a collection of weaponry, and also a famous London football team.
    Will try and avoid using that very naughty word in the future.
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    casajrcasajr Registered Users 1,468 Posts
    Wow, that sucks. Sorry to see that.

    As all the game info is stored on the device, you may be out of luck. I hope someone else has better input than I do.

    And yes, the word filter is a bit strange. See this thread http://ggnbb.glu.com/showthread.php?104519-Fun-With-The-Forum-Word-Filter&highlight=word+filter
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    todfoxxtodfoxx Registered Users 1,933 Posts
    Try it again, but choose the other mission option. If I remember, someone ran into that problem before. They were told to always choose the mission/level option on the right. That one would be your current status. Again that is just a suggestion. I hope you can retrieve your current status!
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    Lucy DLucy D Registered Users 49 Posts
    Thanks Todfoxx but it only gave the options once; now I've chosen one they don't appear any more.
    I think I did choose the one on the right, even though they said the same thing.
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